Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!

  • Published on:  5/14/2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today one of my favorite makeup artists and dear friends, Mmmmitchell is here!!! We travel to a few fast food spots and let the person in front of us, decide what we eat!! Never a dull moment when I leave the house... As the world's pickiest eater, this one was really tough for me... We also have a secret to share:

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  • Catherine Porter (4 days ago)

    "Are you going to respond to everything or pull a Manny 2.0?" Serious question now.

  • Maureen Hyland (3 days ago)

    +Joey Q this says Jeffree and Tati have likely been served with legal documents.

  • Precious Prieto (3 days ago)

    She said on her IG stories that she will.

  • Emily the Strange (3 days ago)

    To be honest... I have no life, and I’m just waiting for Jeffree’s response video.

  • Fuck Off (3 days ago)

    Jeffree: “There’s two sides to every story”Also Jeffree: “Everything me and Tati said is 100% true”

  • Sarah Taylor (11 hours ago)

    i mean hes not wrong

  • ClocloYT (1 day ago)

    I LOVE FRENCH FRIES WITH A FROSTYalso Wendy’s has breakfast??

  • Victoria Kratz (2 days ago)

    18:44 did anybody catch Jeffree say “that’s so famous”? Because if you watched james’ video, that was the inside joke between everybody 😂 I feel smart

  • Joseph Sciberras (34 minutes ago)

    xo_emilyx Yeah, it makes more far sense.

  • xo_emilyx (1 day ago)

    Victoria Kratz he actually said “i’m so famished”

  • Kenia Molina (4 days ago)


  • Iroda Rahimova (4 days ago)


  • Sara D (4 days ago)

    Kenia Molina and on Tati

  • Rose Venezia (3 days ago)

    Jeffree, don't do it. Put the claws away. Mind ya business.It's not your battle to fight.

  • Joseph Sciberras (2 days ago)

    Well, he did

  • erase (2 days ago)

    *Mitchell*: "I hate In and Out" *Jefree*: "Let's go to In and Out"

  • GG (2 days ago)

    *Everyones talkin bout the drama*And I'm over here like: Jeffree looks great and this video is perfect.

  • Jasmine Dominguez (2 days ago)

    GG yesss me too!!

  • Chyna Rocker (2 days ago)

    Jeffree... when will the blue blood be restocked? and also the lip liners.. I have been waiting hehe