Demi Lovato - Sober (Lyric Video)

  • Published on:  6/21/2018
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    PEENER a minute ago


  • Seleste Forever
    Seleste Forever a minute ago+1

    LOVE U DEMI ❤❤💖💖

  • Sevkije Saciri
    Sevkije Saciri a minute ago

    I'm shoooooooooooook ❣

  • Very Feral
    Very Feral a minute ago

    There are more people than you know who will be able to relate to this. Almost every person in America has been touched by addiction in one way or another, so thank you for this song. The reason we love you is because you’re real, you’re honest, you’re open, and you’re trying - even if it means you fall every now and then. You always pick yourself back up and that’s what people need to see. Mad love!

  • Andreza Silva
    Andreza Silva a minute ago+1

    vai fica tudo bem, você vai fica bem, nós estamos com vc, I love you ❤😕

  • adriana
    adriana a minute ago

    So good, I’m so proud of you, you’re such an amazing woman and believe me: You’re still a role model don’t matter how many mistakes you make because it’s not about the mistakes, it’s about how you stand up, how you use your mistakes to grow and to teach the world so many incredible things about you. I love you, never stop being you.

  • J' Silva
    J' Silva a minute ago


  • Sabrina Lima
    Sabrina Lima a minute ago

    Eu convido a todos a darmos forças ao nosso ícone. A ficarmos do lado dela haja o que ouver. a deixar bem claro que Nunca, NUNCA, ela estará sozinha! Ela precisa de nós mais do que nunca. Ela nós ajuda constantemente com suas músicas agora é nossa vez. Vamos todos na última ft dela no ig. vamos dar apoio sempre. Lovaticos isso é um chamado, é um pedido de ajuda vamos mostrar que ela não está sozinha

  • Amanda Lourenço
    Amanda Lourenço 2 minutes ago+1

    porra Demi

  • Brenda Romero
    Brenda Romero 2 minutes ago

    i can’t stop crying.. i love u so fucking much demi! u’ve ALWAYS been my rock to staying strong and i know we will be urs! ❤️

  • Rose Marg
    Rose Marg 2 minutes ago

    Demi I love you so much! I know it must have been hard slipping and relasping but have come so far and I hope you continue to grow and shine. Xo I have struggled myself with sobriety and a few other addictions but we can get through together.

  • Renata Andrade
    Renata Andrade 2 minutes ago

    we gonna be always by ur side

  • Geovana Porto
    Geovana Porto 2 minutes ago

    How love you Demi ! ❤❤😍

  • Vanessa C
    Vanessa C 2 minutes ago

    This is why Demi is an amazing artist by sharing her personal experiences with us,fans. Don’t give up again my love. You got it again ❤️

  • Toni Wellons
    Toni Wellons 2 minutes ago

    Aww its ok Demi. Alot of addicts relapse during their journey. Things happen and you feel vulnerable and guilty but its completely normal and you're still young. We are not perfect beings, we just take it one day at a time. My bio mother was an addict and it took her years to kick the habit but you can do it, I believe you can. Its ok to fall sometimes but you can get up and start again. I'm rooting for you. 💖

  • Putri Nur Ellah
    Putri Nur Ellah 2 minutes ago

    You'll be rising from the ground, Like a skyscraper❤. You can do for change. StayStrong, i'm stay for you.

  • Maria Aguilar Mata
    Maria Aguilar Mata 2 minutes ago

    STAY STRONG!!! 💋I LOVE YOU DEMI, Siempre estaré contigo hasta el final pase lo que pase eres parte de mi Familia y a la Familia jamas se le abandona 😘

  • Daniel Badasci
    Daniel Badasci 2 minutes ago

    Nothing but 😍 and respect for my girl. I've always been a fan and this won't stop me from loving you. I totally understand no judgement here just prayers. Stay strong ☺

  • Gabriel Clarete
    Gabriel Clarete 2 minutes ago

    just one Word "PERFECTION"

  • Daniel Daley
    Daniel Daley 3 minutes ago

    Touch on my phone is now malfunctioning because of the tears that fell on it