Britain's Got Talent 2017 Live Semi-Finals Daliso Chaponda Full S11E16

  • Published on:  6/2/2017
  • #TonyPatrony


  • themadhatter
    themadhatter 2 years ago+1923

    "200 years ago, this would've been an auction!" 😂😂😂
    LMAO 😂

  • I Løve Jøsh Dun.
    I Løve Jøsh Dun. 2 years ago+461

    "I'm from Africa, we don't see someone overweight and say "go on a diet" we say "where'd you get the food?!" " XD I'm dying help.

  • Nariman Shuakbayev
    Nariman Shuakbayev 2 years ago+651

    Usually I don't like comedians, but he really smashed it

  • KantanRyouri
    KantanRyouri  2 years ago+697

    I am not British and English isn't my first language. I am Asian. There were many stand up comedians appeared in BGT before and to be honest, most of the times, I didn't get their jokes. Everyone in the crowd was laughing, the judges were laughing but I just sat there, not laughing at all as I can't get their jokes. However, this gentleman here, is so funny! Finally, I can understand the jokes! I can laughed along with the others! Therefore, I think he is really good. LOL! His jokes are facts as well, which he turned them into jokes. That's why I can understand and find it hilarious. hehe! Wish he could get into final!

  • M16 Dz
    M16 Dz 2 years ago+524

    where did you get the food 😂😂😂😂

  • arn bkn
    arn bkn a years ago+233

    "I'm black 200 years ago this would be an auction" I wasn't ready for that!! 😄😄😄😄

  • Gor Ter-Mkrtchyan
    Gor Ter-Mkrtchyan 2 years ago+214

    Very rare to see EVERY. SINGLE. JOKE. HIT. Amazing stuff!

  • Brian Lightman
    Brian Lightman 2 years ago+361

    the auction part kill me :D

  • Gary Quinlan
    Gary Quinlan 2 years ago+142

    This guy is brilliant. Hope he gets his own show.

  • Ayeisha Gee
    Ayeisha Gee 2 years ago+80

    He's a smart comedian. He incorporated fun facts, trivia and history in his jokes. And I can understand it. Cool. 😂😂😂 The last punch line tho. "Where did you get the food? I think we should follow her home." I can't 😂😂😂

  • Adkayemalux
    Adkayemalux 2 years ago+286

    the few dislikes are those people who would have rather had an auction with him lmao.

  • Han Li
    Han Li 2 years ago+165

    This guy is so good. His materials are absolutely original. Did I hear Jack Whitehall used to gig with him?

  • shiks nikki
    shiks nikki 5 months ago+59

    2019.. who's watching with me, laughing hysterically

  • boyzrock9038
    boyzrock9038 2 years ago+102

    I love him! He has a perfect mix of darker jokes with lighthearted ones, his delivery is perfect, and he is super likable. I can totally see this guy winning the whole series!

  • Wackzingo
    Wackzingo 2 years ago+74

    This is one of the best comic routines I've seen in years and he just proves with real talent you can be funny and keep it clean.

  • Tiffany Dobrosky
    Tiffany Dobrosky 2 years ago+50

    his face with the golden buzzer was the best I've ever seen

  • Nana MadHouse
    Nana MadHouse 2 years ago+236

    Thank you so much Anthony for the time/effort you put on your channel for us!! Thank you so much!!

  • Kristal Jones
    Kristal Jones 2 years ago+88

    I REALLY hope he at least gets passed onto the finals 😂😂🙏

  • Dantdm Middleton
    Dantdm Middleton 4 months ago+25

    Lol his laugh xD I'm dead 😂
    I liked my own comment cause no one else will

  • Rinai Rahmani
    Rinai Rahmani 2 years ago+114

    his accent make it even better!