I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

  • Published on:  8/11/2019
  • i made him an instagram. its @declanchamberlain. go follow for beauty shots of him. he's quite photogenic, you wont wanna miss it.... lol....✩ MY PODCAST ✩✭ listen on SPOTIFY: https://bit.ly/StupidGeniusShow✭ listen on APPLE PODCASTS: https://bit.ly/StupidGeniusPod✭ or just search "Stupid Genius" on spotify, apple podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts...✭ podcast merch NOW AVAILABLE: https://shopemmachamberlain.com/produ...✩ MERCH ✩✭ https://shopemmachamberlain.com✩ MY SOCIAL MEDIA ✩✭ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_emmachambe...✭ twitter: https://twitter.com/emmachamberlain✭ snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/emmachambie✭ spotify: http://open.spotify.com/user/emmachambie I LUV U,-emma chamberlain


  • Ashley Higby
    Ashley Higby 4 days ago+3622

    You should not have his food where his litter box is!! It causes problems because the strong scent of the litter box deters them from eating. Please like so she can see this!!

  • Wolfly Beauty
    Wolfly Beauty yesterday+342

    5 Steps to Greater Happiness
    1. Get a Cat
    2. Get a second cat both you and your cat will be happier.
    3. Get a third cat. The more to love.
    4.Declare that you will not get anymore cats. You're not a crazy person.
    5. Give in and get the 4th cat. It was going to happen anyway.

  • Ilina Suzeth
    Ilina Suzeth yesterday+190

    6:11 CAT: looks around
    EMMA: “what do you think”
    CAT: no goes back in bag

  • H I
    H I yesterday+53

    Close the toilet seat lid my cat fell down it once it was not a good experience I still have the scars 😳😂

  • Lucy Dunbar
    Lucy Dunbar yesterday+50

    NAME HIM “Pumba” like from the lion king!!!!

  • Seher A
    Seher A 5 days ago+13164

    Please don't put the litter box beside her food and water
    Like this so she can see!!

  • BonanaNinja
    BonanaNinja yesterday+73

    me: scrolling thru video to find where she says what food she feeds him
    "And I got food but you don't care about that "
    me: ☹

  • Onion Hdhdh
    Onion Hdhdh yesterday+129

    Names that I think would suit him:

  • lacey brandmeyer
    lacey brandmeyer yesterday+27

    Emma: I want this cat, his name is Babyboy.
    Emma: I got a cat, his name is Fettuccini.
    Me: wait....wtf? no explanation? lol

  • Musik_Girl 1913
    Musik_Girl 1913 yesterday+9

    Y do I feel satisfied rn?
    Is it bc of the cat or those lights turning on and off?

  • Madison Stewart
    Madison Stewart 6 days ago+23496

    Like this so she can see it 😊

  • Kyla
    Kyla yesterday+11

    You should name him “ Milo “ like from the movie Milo and Otis 😻

  • Emily Ellison
    Emily Ellison yesterday+23

    Usually cats respond better if their name ends with a y or an eee sound

  • Mary Ann Montalbano
    Mary Ann Montalbano yesterday+17

    We love how u were wearing a dog shirt the whole vid 😂😂

  • Gacha Chloe
    Gacha Chloe 12 hours ago+6

    You should call him espresso or cappuccino cause you love coffee 😌
    Like so she can see this? 👀

  • stargirl
    stargirl 5 days ago+4078

    OMG WAIT IMPORTANT: make sure your plants are safe for cats because some plants can poison them <3

  • Natalia Tingzz
    Natalia Tingzz yesterday+5

    Emma I fricking LOVE YOUUU ur the best gal pal ever, ur videos keep me living for realzzzz

  • Ashley Clanton
    Ashley Clanton 8 hours ago+4

    I like fetachini lowkey but you should name him Mocha or something

  • ruby lawrence
    ruby lawrence 7 hours ago+3

    Emma’s low-key turning into a crazy cat women and I’m here for it

  • Jules 2
    Jules 2 yesterday+19

    I would keep the litter box in a bathroom and the food and water completely separated
    Also I recommend getting something for it to climb or play on.
    Considering that this video was probably filmed a long time ago, these changes were probably made and I can't wait to see updates in the next video 🐱💓