RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

  • Published on:  6/11/2019
  • Today we have to share some devastating news.. our beautiful baby girl Diamond passed away a few days ago. She was not only my best friend, but the light in my world. Nathan and the rest of our family feel so heartbroken and have been crying for days. There is no love like the love I have for my dogs and I'm at a loss for words. We wanted to let you know what happened and to celebrate her life. Diamond was always smiling and she will forever be in my heart and Nathan's heart.Diamond is forever. 🐶💎MUSIC: ► Unknown Brain ► Perfect 10 (feat. Heather Sommer) - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)


  • Emma Cole 5 days ago

    You should release a pallet in the shape of a diamond for her as a memory , But have the funds go to a charity for dogs. 💗

  • Monica Sanchez a minute ago

    Emma Cole aww thats cute

  • Josie Lopez 5 days ago

    This is an amazing idea

  • Sandy Wedmore an hour ago

    It hurts like hell when they leave us, but I couldn't imagine life without my fur babies.They're my life!My heart and thoughts are with you both. xxx

  • Cheesy Onion 6 hours ago

    Sandy Wedmore I am no joke crying and I don’t know why, it’s not even mine. But I just fell soooo bad. *Crying noises *

  • Basketball Girl24 an hour ago

    I lost a dog because it was winter and are pool was frozen and my dog loved to swim in the summer time. So he went on the ice and fell through and couldn’t get up for air. So yes I do know what it feels like 😪😢😭😖💔 R.I.P. Diamond we love u and will miss u❣️(sorry Jeffree and Nate)

  • Leah Hill an hour ago

    No Jeffree.I’m sorry for the loss, I hope everything will be ok. I love you guys

  • Sweet Potaetae an hour ago

    Dogs are literally the man's best friend. Don't you all forget about that.Stay strong, jeffree.❤

  • Rebecca Cooper 5 days ago

    Have her cremated & have her ashes made in to a diamond 💎.. diamonds are forever RIP

  • Cas T 7 hours ago

    I like this idea but I honestly think just letting the dog rest in peace in a grave is much better

  • They do that somewhere saw it on most expensivist with 2chainz

  • Liv Jones 20 hours ago

    I know a lot of ppl have already said this it isn’t an original idea. But you could have your next palette called diamond and the money made could go to a animal rescue centre.My thought are with you all xxR.I.P DIAMOND

  • VanityHouse an hour ago

    😭😭😭 RIP DIAMOND 💎 IM HEARTBROKEN! Diamond Star 💫 highlighter palette or Diamond glitter/shimmer pigments or palette 🎨

  • Sherie Jones an hour ago

    Oh Jeffree I feel you I had just recently lost mine on June 2nd, 2019. Like you said it really really hurts when you lose one because their not pets their children, family. Just remember not only me but everyone watching is here for you. 💕😭

  • S K an hour ago

    I’m so sorry. What a beautiful and sweet soul. Sending you love.