Avengers: Age of Ultron - Lifting Thor's Hammer - Movie CLIP HD

  • Published on:  2/26/2017
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  • Kent Schneider 1 months ago

    Plot twist: The table can hold Thor's hammerThe table is worthyThe table is the future leader of Asgard

  • Lorena De Los Rios 14 hours ago

    A table is not gonna do anything but hold every stuff that good for Asgard.Then a elevator ruled then everyone will go up and down which is going to make everyone in Asgard travel faster.But a tower ruling Asgard then people won’t be homeless like right know since they have a new Asgard.

  • Yummy Coke 2 days ago

    @Cool Pro 279 its a joke

  • Zedsly gamer 1 months ago

    Thor: your all not worthy Captain america: im about to end this mans whole career

  • Na Ni yesterday

    yeah ahaha

  • So what’s the point of Thor now considering he lifted the hammer???

  • Mr.Cheese Chick 21 days ago

    cap just escaping responsibilities for ruling asgard lol

  • Saiful Radzi yesterday

    Psychics will never rule Asgard .. haha

  • I SUCK AT EVERYTHING 1 months ago

    Cap is already worthy in this movie cuz he was trying not to lift the hammer

  • bhargav raval an hour ago


  • NPC 54327 They said it after endgame tho..after he lifted the hammer..after he was truly worthy..after he saved the world...after he told tony about his parents death..after he lifted it.

  • Noobmaster69 1 months ago

    Thor: hold my hammer!Cap: ok

  • @Loki Odinson hgaha knew it you do it for him odinson...

  • Loki Odinson yesterday

    HI MATE!!! Please troll Thor even more!!! 🤣

  • brett estabrooks 1 months ago

    Russo brothers said in an interview cap chose not to lift it at that point after he realised he could hence Thor’s remark when he did as he knew cap was lying when he gave up

  • I N C O G N I TO yesterday

    Does Mjolnir have a long enchanted checklist of required qualities that only few specific individuals can meet?

  • I N C O G N I TO yesterday

    I dunno if they cleared this up but what does it mean to be worthy? Good heart, heroic qualities? They all have it and they're not selfish. Despite all Thor's problems in endgame he's still worthy. In Thor 1 Thor stopped being overly arrogant but he's still pretty cocky sometimes.

  • MultiTomatojuice 1 months ago

    at 1:57 after Thor said"you're all just not worthy" Cap was like: you have no idea >:)

  • Jaiden georges 1 months ago

    1:22 Thor's face is like is this man about to rule my whole kingdom😂😂

  • Night Bot 11 days ago

    Jaiden georges unrated comment

  • Sal Vulcano 1 months ago

    Captain America was definitely just pretending to not be able to lift it because he didn't want to hurt Thor's ego

  • SiviliZe93 2 days ago

    Cranjis mcbasketball

  • Johanna Mödinger 3 days ago

    He knew that his time hadn't come yet so he didn't lift it.

  • na me 1 months ago

    Who’s here after THAT scene of Captain America in Endgame?

  • Linus Weihing 1 months ago