• Published on:  5/14/2019
  • best concert of all time, thanks santigoldIGOR IS NOW AVAILABLE:


  • Joshua Heupel
    Joshua Heupel 3 months ago+4544

    Imagine your stranded in the desert and you just stumble upon them

  • Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it.

    nobody gonna talk about my man who straight up left 0:32

  • tywon cherry
    tywon cherry 3 months ago+2836

    Maury: Results show that YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER
    Dude reaction: 0:27
    Woman reaction: 0:41

  • RoRo Royourboat
    RoRo Royourboat 3 months ago+690

    My Father when I was born: 0:41

  • Shaun Connally
    Shaun Connally  2 months ago+651

    Me waking up from a nap: hey guys
    The morgue workers: 0:41

  • Stephen M. Green
    Stephen M. Green 3 months ago+2848

    I have a feeling this album is going to be very popular...

  • JustXavier
    JustXavier 2 months ago+1491

    Teacher leaves the classroom for 5 seconds
    4th graders: 0:27

  • Nick E.
    Nick E. 2 months ago+660

    0:33 when you're having fun at a friends house but realize your paper is due at 11:59 p.m.

    BARZOTTI 2 months ago+455

    Cockroaches when I turn on the kitchen light at 3:00 A.M

  • QuirkyGengar
    QuirkyGengar 2 months ago+712

    "Come say hi to your relatives"
    Me: 0:41

  • Zach D
    Zach D 3 months ago+8304

    0:41 Lil Uzi when he sees Nardwuar coming to interview him

  • Tre Lavoie
    Tre Lavoie 2 months ago+388

    When you end up reading all of the 0:41 comments.

  • Anthony Carlton
    Anthony Carlton 2 months ago+81

    0:42 when I see back to school commercials on tv in August

  • UltimateVersionMOL
    UltimateVersionMOL 3 months ago+329

    Her: “Come over”
    Me: “I can’t”
    Her: “My parents aren’t home”
    Me: 0:41

  • KCSpades
    KCSpades 3 months ago+415

    When you use the bathroom at 3 a.m but feel like someone’s watching you 0:41

  • Zachary Trottier
    Zachary Trottier 3 months ago+3168

    0:41 when it’s April 2nd and she’s still pregnant

  • specter
    specter 3 months ago+335

    when the quiet kid gets second place in kahoot 0:41

  • Toxic Pixel
    Toxic Pixel 2 months ago+204

    subtitles: [Music]
    deaf people: 0:27

  • Jake RBLX
    Jake RBLX 2 months ago+132

    when my friends come towards me and they talk about lil pump

  • Lil Rice Farmer
    Lil Rice Farmer 2 months ago+65

    0:41 When i see problems in my life that need solving.