SA’s Got Talent 2015: DJ Arch Jr

  • Published on:  10/4/2015
  • 3-year-old DJ Arch Jr from Alexandra township, rocked the stage and earned the final Golden Buzzer of the season. Watch SA’s Got Talent Sundays at 6:05PM. #SAGT


  • Lee M
    Lee M 3 years ago+363

    this is what happens when fathers stay present in their children's lives. This cutie gives me life. "papa areye ko stage'ng"... #tearDropOfJoy

    KING _PRAJ 2 years ago+207

    this kid is going to have a bright future

  • Emmanuel Asuncion, RN
    Emmanuel Asuncion, RN 7 months ago+230

    Who searched this after watching agt champions? Hahaha

  • fds bfc
    fds bfc 5 months ago+88

    اذا اكو عربي لايك

  • Darzling Kham
    Darzling Kham 2 years ago+64

    This kid is more talented than me

  • Jerrin Raju
    Jerrin Raju 1 months ago+39

    Who came here after watching AGT..

    REFILOE MALIWA 2 months ago+19

    Who's here 2019 loving this kid the way I do ❣❣

  • علي العامري
    علي العامري 5 months ago+20

    اكو عراقين اهنا 😅

  • Ishu Papu
    Ishu Papu a years ago+3

    Wooowww it's really amazing... god bless you my sweet heart

  • YoungRich VEVO
    YoungRich VEVO 2 years ago+8

    OMG Soo cool more Blessings Boy 👍👍if u support him let me get ur like👍

  • Kuba Kulpinski
    Kuba Kulpinski 2 years ago+3

    ale daje czadu

  • Malik Azis
    Malik Azis 2 years ago+5

    wow that was amazing I'm really impressed I'm just nine years old and I'm just practising

  • Denz Balane
    Denz Balane 7 months ago+10

    we could produce genius children like this if we only support them not crush them.

  • Breya Henry
    Breya Henry 2 years ago+2

    Yay I fell so happy for him 💙💙💜he got the golf buzzer

  • devanand aj
    devanand aj 3 months ago+9

    That kid literally don't know, what is going on, he only thinking about the dj.
    Judge: ur going to live show
    Kid: i want to do some more dj.

  • Super Drive
    Super Drive 2 years ago+4

    The most impressive of all, is the dad getting down nearby...😂😂😂 . The dad swag is cool

  • Angeles Zamudio
    Angeles Zamudio a years ago+4

    OMG!!!!! He should be the DJ for all school , striper club , etc......

  • Liam Supremo
    Liam Supremo 2 years ago+90

    And here i am don't even know what each buttons are

  • Luna Gaming
    Luna Gaming a years ago+5

    This is the best got talent ever I can chill here forever lol😂

  • Maycon da silva
    Maycon da silva 2 years ago+2

    sou fã desse boy já