Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

  • Published on:  10/18/2018
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    The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing Youtuber’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.

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  • jessie chappell
    jessie chappell seconds ago

    Take a shot every time Jake says “like” 😂😂

  • Sophie 307
    Sophie 307 seconds ago

    tbh never thought i'd be seeing jake paul and shane dawson together in a video talking about real stuff. when u realise it, it fkn hits u like woah that ACTUALLY happened.

  • Puppygorawr
    Puppygorawr seconds ago

    this is so fucking stupid. yea take advantage of all the idiots in the world. real nice. shit channel shit person shit vids shit life have fun sleeping at night. none of this matters.

  • T All The Way
    T All The Way seconds ago

    Ok so.. what iv seen from.this serious was shane helping jake paul and i think whats been going on is you know jake paul family has been putting jake through alot of mess and i guess himself also but but you know its making jake a follower to logan hes been so HYPE and not caring of what stunts he would do or what ever but now he seems cool lol

  • Ray
    Ray seconds ago

    Trending on #1 😂

  • dontstressitx3
    dontstressitx3 seconds ago


  • something creative
    something creative seconds ago

    if anyone wants to know the song at the end, it’s Bitter Heart by Memi

  • Hi There
    Hi There seconds ago+1

    Conspiracy theory about this whole series. ⚠️DISCLAIMER: I FUCKING LOVE SHANE AND I WOULD NEVER TRY TO BE MEAN OR SHADE HIM IM JUST PUTTING THIS OUT⚠️Jake paid Shane to make this. Many people have said they like Jake more after this series. That was the main goal, to make us hate him less. Shane recently called him “family” in Twitter... BITCH like seriously. This whole series is overly dramatic and seems very fake as Shane always has the “oh my fucking god this is insane crazy wow” face the entire series. Sure it’s entertaining but what happened to the old happy fun Shane and the conspiracy theory videos? And he only did jake Paul for views because everyone knows who he is and how bad he is. Don’t get me wrong I love Shane but it kind of irritates me how fake this seems.

    MICHELLE CHICAS seconds ago

    Shane I just want you to know how proud I am of you for doing something that you believe in. You knew it would be hard and you knew many wouldn’t approve but you did that. I’m not a Jake Paul fan and this probably won’t change that but I have a new perspective on what it’s like to be in his shoes. I think that’s important for people to consider. Thank you for staying true to yourself. This was an incredible series. Now I think you need a vacation too haha

  • Finn D
    Finn D seconds ago

    5:09 lol he started off so manly and then ended so.. not

  • Megan Vancil
    Megan Vancil seconds ago

    When you're 5 mins in and it's already amazing.
    That's Shane for ya!

  • Anna Verdam
    Anna Verdam seconds ago

    like like like like like

  • Hana Khaleel
    Hana Khaleel seconds ago

    I see Jake hearing to your message, however I don't see him 'listening' to your message. There's a difference.

  • Evan French
    Evan French seconds ago

    Love the placement of adds

  • vegetassaiyanqueen25

    Jake always looks like hes just breathing through his mouth and its drives me crazy lol

  • jay apples
    jay apples seconds ago

    i’m so happy i watch youtube videos this shit is 100 times better then TV

  • Hollea Beck
    Hollea Beck seconds ago

    why did i start crying at the end? shane is so good. he needs to be protected.

  • Sarah
    Sarah seconds ago

    DAMNN, Andrew be working out holding that camera for that long.😂

  • Manasi Shrotriya
    Manasi Shrotriya seconds ago+1

    Shane is precious *PROTECT SHANEEYYY*