Beat the Brain (UK game show) (2015)

  • Published on:  1/17/2016


  • KyKy4Life 1 years ago

    Who else got triggered when they said "naugts and crosses"

  • Philip Cannon 8 months ago

    I liked this, like the variety of games, trivia to memory and so on. Prize amount is underwhelming. With a little tweaking of show format, an American version could succeed

  • S h 1 years ago

    I love this show.

  • David Rivera 2 years ago

    interesting. kimd of a cross between Crystal Maze and Tipping point.

  • Saza H 2 years ago

    The brain's voice makes me melt! 💜💜

  • LeArtiste D 11 months ago

    It's the actress Josie Lawrence.

  • P B 2 years ago

    It has..on BBC 2

  • MrMuziklover22 2 years ago

    I like this..and playing along with it....just wish there were more episodes on here...!!

  • Dtretrb 2 years ago

    I like the show, but the beeping noise for the countdown annoys me so much!

  • darcyann66 1 years ago

    I really like the show. Thanks for the upload.I love watching game shows from other countries

  • Pupperoni Pizza 4 months ago


  • Hola Life 2 years ago

    i like Sohail, hes handsome and smart

  • meggh517 2 years ago

    Hola Life Sohail says thanks, he's really flattered

  • Sinlo Kemp 1 years ago

    Game starts at 4:47