Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

  • Published on:  1/22/2018
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  • Lance McGowan
    Lance McGowan 8 months ago+12002

    1:11 I can do that one

  • Dinamite
    Dinamite 7 days ago+301

    Video: *194 million views
    Me: I haven’t seen this??

  • Ad Matri
    Ad Matri 4 days ago+9

    I convinced because of the last fail shots. Otherwise I will give credit to graphics

  • Can Yaman
    Can Yaman 4 days ago+41

    Me:You guys are awesome how you doing all these things?
    Dude perfect :Yeah we are. Ohh we tried all Day :(

  • Despa Negro
    Despa Negro 2 days ago+101

    Mailmen when they see fragile on a package: 2:19

  • Ronak Singh
    Ronak Singh a years ago+1875

    We need to see a dude perfect fails

  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch 7 days ago+135

    This is how life on this planet should be, for everyone, every day.

  • Go-Getter Boy
    Go-Getter Boy 5 days ago+87

    Me: tries to flip a bottle
    Also me: accidentally breaks the window

  • kartik parmar
    kartik parmar 2 days ago+70

    How long did it take to master it ?
    Dude Perfect : Its been 84 years.....

  • Hyperspeed 1000
    Hyperspeed 1000 6 days ago+113

    I died a little inside when he threw his guitar too...

  • BSoloe
    BSoloe a years ago+4463

    Probably one of the most impressive trick shot videos I’ve seen to be honest.

  • Neerav Sethi
    Neerav Sethi 7 days ago+92

    Warning :
    These Stunts are performed by Experts,
    Don't "Try to Try" these at Home.
    Else you won't get Dinner at night😂😂

  • nandu m s
    nandu m s 2 days ago+5

    This is what Rajani do, but people say it is exaggeration. 🤷‍♂️.
    ശരിയല്ലേ ഗുയിസ്.

  • Emily Belfry
    Emily Belfry 10 hours ago+2

    I can do that 3:50
    Shout out to Lance McGowan I got inspired by him!

  • Commander Skirmish
    Commander Skirmish 2 days ago+36

    2:19 hello? is this the manager? the glass cup i just ordered broke becausr of your employee doing stunts

  • Joaquin's Vlogs
    Joaquin's Vlogs a years ago+19523

    You guys should make a compilation of all of your trick shot fails

  • Yxj Ly
    Yxj Ly 3 days ago+78

    2:19 That’s why my new iPad is in 69 pieces🤷‍♂️

  • MeHdIPizza GT
    MeHdIPizza GT yesterday+1

    2:25 me:let’s do this one!
    10 years later.....
    Me: I’ve done it!

  • Boris The wolf
    Boris The wolf 3 days ago+1

    Bruh. They have too much skill.. they probably did trickshot training..

  • Max TV
    Max TV 5 days ago+78

    Давайте все русские поставим лайк под коммент чтоб англичане думали что мы написали чтото умной👌