Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

  • Published on:  3/14/2019
  • Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.

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  • Ahan (3 days ago)

    Everyone in the trailer: heroic epic speechesNebula: aaaaagh

  • Bima Aryakusuma (12 minutes ago)

    Nyari duit lo

  • Nick Fury (1 hour ago)

    I got my eye on you

  • Deep Patel (23 hours ago)

    Thanos: Snaps FingerJohn Wick’s dog: I’m not feeling so good Thanos: Uh Oh

  • Kieran Playz (27 minutes ago)

    Wow! sO ORiGiNaL!

  • Camij 19 (58 minutes ago)

    John Wick: I'll kill you, for killed you my dog.

  • Stormy X (1 day ago)

    Steve: Ability to Change ShieldTony: Ability to Change SuitsThor: Ability to Change WeaponBlack Widow: Ability to Change Hair Color

  • Liv Rossini (34 minutes ago)

    Hawkeye: Ability to change Hairstyle

  • +Peter Parker your ability is to copy a superhero

  • Tyro Technician (1 day ago)

    01:29War machine has done some serious Modification on his Rocket Launcher Really Looks Like Rocket Raccoon Isn't it??

  • Get Rekt (6 hours ago)

    Harshith P Underrated pfp

  • Hiraghm (9 hours ago)

    When did Rhodey join the Mobile Infantry?

  • Sad Mercuryyy - (1 day ago)

    Roses are red Half of the humanity is deadAccording to thanos You should’ve gone for the head

  • MAC MUFFIN (2 hours ago)

    accordingto me my girl should have given head!

  • K P (2 hours ago)


  • Who Is You? (1 day ago)

    Dr. Strange watched 14,000,605 million versions of this movie. So lucky. :( (Happy he didn't spoil nothin tho)

  • Raccooninja (27 minutes ago)

    Actually, he only saw one version of this movie. The other 14,000,604 he couldn't see past his disappearance when Thanos snapped.

  • nobody Uknow (11 hours ago)

    +Walking Armageddon 😜

  • StuffOfTheSky (1 day ago)

    Notice how they don’t show scenes from the Incredible Hulk

  • Ariyana December (27 minutes ago)

    hulk will defeat thanos

  • The Inquiry Please (1 hour ago)

    That's because we are getting professor hulk in end game.

  • Sean Felix (1 day ago)

    James charles kissed to undo :/

  • Dani Blake (1 hour ago)

    I dont want to

  • RT Rollo (3 hours ago)

    did he at least give me my 20 dollars first?

  • Ded (10 hours ago)

    We should all thank star lord for giving us another avengers movie

  • Hristijan Dimitrovski (4 hours ago)

    Hahahaha 😂😂definitely

  • LitCaveman (1 day ago)

    “God it seems like a thousand year ago”Yeah since the first Endgame trailer was released

  • g . a . b . e (2 hours ago)

    +ghee4345 *_I support your movement_*

  • ghee4345 (4 hours ago)

    LitCaveman this was Dr Strange’s plan all along on Titan. He cursed the time stone before giving it to thanos. He wasn’t actually looking at possible futures, he was setting up a time loop for Stark that ran 14 million times or whatever. This is the curse of knowledge that Stark will be enduring in endgame. It’s also the best shot for tony learning enough to survive space and return to earth with nebula. I think I figured it out lolThis would explain the feeling of a thousand years, and maybe even th...