Working Weird Craigslist Jobs to Earn $965 for New York City Rent

  • Published on:  5/13/2019
  • VICE's Will Tilghman tries to make his monthly rent of $965 by working weird jobs posted on the gigs section of New York Craigslist. After staging a photoshoot for a restaurant, screening a bad horror movie, trying a new deodorant, writing a bio for a nice mom, handing out newspapers, doing a timely impersonation of Lord Varys from “Game of Thrones”, and more, Will goes deep into the world of Craigslist to see if he can actually pay his rent by doing odd-jobs.

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  • blankrestore (May 15, 2019)

    You woulda suceeded in 2 days if you just wrangled some snakes

  • TOO GOOD (3 hours ago)

    @blankrestore this is the best comment on youtube I've ever read. Thank you.

  • Alex (6 hours ago)

    +tytube3001 No its straight guys in the closet who think that.

  • Fun Factory (3 days ago)

    Imagine tricking your boss to pay you for applying to other jobs

  • OhhFree (6 days ago)

    The weirdest part of this video is his rent only being $965 in NYC…

  • Georgiy Tanasov (19 hours ago)

    +το κρακεν bruh because u have financial crisis

  • Rzk Zkr (1 day ago)

    +raffpants618 SF is the most expensive for property. Just wait until the bubble pops. Then all the prices dropped.

  • Mariichan333 (3 days ago)

    I don’t know why but I thought he seemed more like Patricia from Split.

  • Liam South (May 14, 2019)

    Craigslist in nyc ? do you want to end up in the east river?

  • Sloane M (18 hours ago)

    gisforgary I’ve never seen someone so angry at people for being afraid of murder 🤔 lol stop complaining on YouTube and go do something better with your life. You’re starting to sound a lot like the group of people you are generalizing 😂

  • nick parry (May 16, 2019)

    Thank you for having a properly sized tank for your fish. Upvote for that.

  • waisodim666 (1 day ago)

    Go back to fucking reddit

  • Jarkko Louhe (4 days ago)

    Hmm, some dude offered you 100 for cleaning his 80dollar grill, riight.-

  • james wood (1 day ago)

    Probably a busy/lazy guy that needed to use it last minute and paid the premium to get it done!

  • Rusty Scab (2 days ago)

    That guy probably wanted to have his snake wrangled, but then he saw the cameras.

  • Baseball Review (5 days ago)

    3bdr apartment for $950 in Brooklyn? He must have like 10 roommates

  • Sues Anna (4 days ago)

    That’s exactly what I thought. How is this possible????

  • Val Naim (4 days ago)

    Baseball Review no 3 bdr; in CV including the bathroom and kitchen.... the kitchen that happens to also doubles as a livingroom and bathroom

  • The Godfather (May 13, 2019)

    Snake wrangling probable would of paid the rent. lol

  • Samuel Foote (2 days ago)

    +Kasparas Visockas it's a local colloquial. That's like saying someone is an idiot for saying soda pop. Who is the pompous idiot now good sir.

  • Jennifer Martin (3 days ago)

    larfadoodle it’s “easier than” not “easier then.” Ugh, come on people!

  • Rudy Yuan (May 15, 2019)

    0/10 didn't emasculate himself for the Varys cosplay