Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time

  • Published on:  1/21/2013
  • The dumbest, oddest, and craziest answers ever said on various game shows.Footage credit: Stupid Gameshow Answers and Atomic Wedgie


  • Rohan Tyagi 2 years ago

    F I S H L O V E

  • Spencer Smith 1 months ago

    That answer took me back to Old Greg

  • Blasian Asian 1 months ago

    I fr would've said fish lips

  • MrRighto Gaming 7 months ago

    Something that can kill a lively partyA gunI mean, he ain’t wrong

  • Rory McKernan 8 days ago

    lydia diddia What Do you mean

  • lydia diddia 8 days ago

    @Rory McKernan Seriously dude. WAAAY too soon. Way too soon.

  • Curtis Cunningham 10 months ago

    I will never go to the beach without a turkey, that's just common sense

  • sum guy 8 days ago

    He meant the country Turkey... Nice beaches there! Lol.

  • lydia diddia 8 days ago

    @Tracy Miller It would come in around 105?

  • Hank J. Wimbleton 9 months ago

    "The dreaded phony horse"Hey man it worked for the trojans

  • Chris Walker 1 months ago

    That's what I was thinking! Except I'm pretty sure the trojan horse was a gift

  • LLyon Wildlife 1 months ago

    Not totally relevant to your comment but the girl who was his opponent is my sister! I think she was sixteen at the time. And if I recall correctly her answer was jewelry.

  • Sam Berg 10 months ago

    By far the most amazing one imo.Host: "How many decades will your husband say his mother has lived?"Wife: "10 decades"Host: "How many decades has your mother lived? Joe you have a troubled look on your face."Husband: "Uhhh I don't know what a decade is..... 44th birthday at 4 years a decade... that'd be 10 decades."Absolutely incredible. I really want to know if they BOTH think that a decade is 4 years, or if she thinks his mom is 100 years old, or if she...

  • WoW Guidery 15 hours ago

    Cheyenne Brennan I cried reading this. I didn't even think of that

  • knuckle12356 2 days ago

    @Cheyenne Brennan no, no. You're forgetting about leap year. So you see...Science.

  • Dan M 2 years ago

    "Something you feel before you buy it""Excited"I think it seems legit

  • Dave Smith 1 months ago

    Yeah I’m pretty sure that the guy didn’t mean sexually excited, I thought he just meant you feel excitement before you actually buy a product, if it’s something important to you

  • Rory McKernan 1 months ago

    Cian Mitchell Imagine that man getting arrested. Officer: What’s your job sir. Man: I’m in young girl pantsOfficer: You are under arrest, your trial is going to last 6 weeks.

  • Record scratch 9 months ago

    Orange, the yellow-est of all fruits.

  • Nerarbysock a 3 months ago

    Roll Tide

  • PianXtreme 7 months ago

    "I'm thinking pasta"

  • Scarab Onyx 10 hours ago

    Haha, what do you expect from a fella that is named Kickback

  • Joe Schmo 5 months ago

    "Yes that famous London pasta..."

  • sara kate 10 months ago

    Some of these were pretty great answers though. I can't believe that guy went straight for "wife number 2" ...BALLSA GROUP OF PILLPUSHERS!

  • TrendyFunAndGames 26 days ago

    A group of pillpushers actually fitted in as well

  • Great Matth 1 months ago

    @ Nicholas. Thank you! I was still trying to figure that on out.

  • Runny Szanboti 6 months ago

    "A Group of Pill-Pushers" looks crazy accurate. XD