TOP 5 GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain's Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

  • Published on:  8/6/2018
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  • Christian Holmlund
    Christian Holmlund 9 months ago+5798

    28:53 - get you some mates like that, that's true friendship right there.

  • mauro mancillas
    mauro mancillas 4 months ago+4470

    We both know you should be sleeping right now

  • Prezii TM
    Prezii TM 4 months ago+1096

    The magician act was simply amazing man, I actually shed a tear with it l, it’s incredible

  • Jay Shizuran
    Jay Shizuran 4 months ago+1058

    Judge: You know what? Presses golden Buzzer
    Janitor: Slowly pulls out Gun

  • Haleigh
    Haleigh 5 months ago+786

    Goodness the last guy had friendships that will last a lifetime those friends were so genuinely happy for him especially the one with tears in his eyes!

  • Joe O.
    Joe O. 3 months ago+823

    When you cry at work because of that Magicians wife and daughter.

  • Amethyst Gacha
    Amethyst Gacha 4 months ago+771

    Janitors be like
    *presses button”
    Crowd goes wild.
    Janitors resign.

  • vuGonGa
    vuGonGa 4 months ago+613

    Those last guy's friends were the real MVPs. True brothers

  • 1sakura0girl1
    1sakura0girl1 2 months ago+412

    Instead of wishing for friends like that let's become friends like that !

  • Richard van Doorn
    Richard van Doorn 7 months ago+2236

    When the Dad takes a step back to give his son this moment, Brings tears to my eye's just beautiful!

  • Harshit Tewari
    Harshit Tewari 4 months ago+217

    Exactly how smart do you think Simon feels when he stops someone and then they absolutely smash it the second time.

  • Autumm F
    Autumm F 4 months ago+181

    I cry for last guy. Man, you got good friends.

  • gta modding
    gta modding 14 days ago+51


  • Jill L
    Jill L 2 months ago+245

    Simon is the best judge no cap.

  • Ido
    Ido 5 months ago+3124

    all the comments: I wish I had friends like that last guy
    me: I wish I had friends

  • the random person
    the random person 4 months ago+210

    Wow the Wiggle wine Guy is aging gracefully especially for a 60 years old he looks like a 40+ years old.

  • Chris Fo
    Chris Fo 3 months ago+72

    When Griffin’s friends cried omg TRUE FRIENDSHIP

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
    Chicken Noodle Soup 4 months ago+140

    "Hat".....then I died😢😢😢😢

  • Kevin Alvarado
    Kevin Alvarado 4 months ago+67

    All these comments of the janitor have me dying 😂

  • Steve MMA
    Steve MMA 9 months ago+1786

    The magician with his two year old daughter and his and his wife's story. GOOSEBUMPS