KIDZ BOP Kids - FRIENDS (Official Music Video) [KIDZ BOP 38]

  • Published on:  6/8/2018
  • Official music video of The KIDZ BOP Kids performing 'FRIENDS' from KIDZ BOP 38!🎵 #KIDZBOP38: 🎵Amazon Music: Apple Music & iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Target: Walmart: Get tickets to our all new 2018 tour:🛍️ Shop all new KIDZ BOP Swag: Follow KIDZ BOP:Facebook: @KIDZBOPGoogle Plus:


  • Nova Lucia 20 days ago

    "You aren't my other, you're like a brother. I've known you since we were, like, ten." ...but you are ten...

  • Camila Perez 17 hours ago

    Omg soo true

  • - RosesRPink - 6 days ago

    @melka which one is Liv? I am not familiar with these people who look older than me that sings songs that aren't kid friend and makes them kid friendly.

  • Peach Cobbler 1 months ago

    3rd graders who broke up with their 3rd grade boyfriends/girlfriends

  • Samiul Gazi 13 hours ago

    I'm about too after my holiday

  • LucyFun 6 days ago

    Someone omg true

  • E-lectro Music 23 days ago

    What I see: A bunch of kids having a spasmWhat I hear: A bunch of kids singing about their fifth grade breakupWhat I feel: ligmaEdit: Thanks! This is the most likes I’ve ever had! Tho I’m still not sure that I should be proud or depressed that it’s on a Kidz Bop video...

  • X Turtles 8 days ago


  • Burn bb burnn 10 days ago

    But **** it I'm 10 now in 6th

  • Its Hannah 16 days ago

    What’s a six year old doing at the door at 2 in the morning More importantly how did *it* get there.

  • Baker Street 221B 21 days ago

    8 year olds singing "I know you since we were like 10"

  • Floppy Fishtick owo an hour ago

    Prime Advice908 they knew eachother for 2 years... ffs

  • calvin blocker 2 days ago

    Most of them are 12 or 11

  • *SARAH* Megs 1 months ago

    F R I ENDS that how you always spell friends

  • Camila Perez 17 hours ago

    If you pass the spelling bee

  • Tina 9 days ago

    Wut they haven't heard od other countries?

  • Siena Ferguson 8 months ago

    That is always spell friends (unless you make a mistake in your 2nd grade spelling bee)

  • j k 3 months ago

    "I know you since we were like ten" oh so like yesterday?

  • I've been looking for a comment like this

  • Are the kids even 10?

  • Emma Cryan 4 months ago

    'Knew you since we were like ten' Guess you've only known each other for like a month then

  • Rahala Hussain 11 days ago

    Nah probably like since last week

  • virginia gonzaga 1 months ago

    Actually a year ago for me

  • xXNINJABOY77Xx / TS 2 months ago

    I'm ten and think kids bop is just a way to enslave kids to make money

  • FABZ_1ABZ 11 days ago

    Im 11 and im half way to passing out just watching this

  • Lindsey Edmondson 17 days ago

    Me to