• Published on:  6/11/2019
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  • Orli Marshall
    Orli Marshall 1 months ago+2289

    Eugene was being literally the softest ball of happiness this episode honestly what the h*ck

  • Blair Elliott
    Blair Elliott 1 months ago+1079

    "You made me swallow instead of spit. So it means you must be good."
    I'm only here for the gay jokes Eugene means to insert into any piece of content.

  • Hailey Gonzales
    Hailey Gonzales 1 months ago+1873

    Everyone: Keith is the one who can make everyone laugh
    Eugene: Hold my Magikarp and Vodka

  • QueenScrumptious Talks
    QueenScrumptious Talks 1 months ago+602

    Eugene put that magikarp on the floor so many times it's become a magikarpet

  • Benjamin Goldblatt
    Benjamin Goldblatt 2 months ago+13290

    Eugene falling to the floor because of his own joke is my new therapy.

  • Doge
    Doge 21 days ago+476

    Some respect for Kieth who was able make everyone laugh with the same skeleton bit every single time with minor changes.
    That's a dude with some improvisational SKILLS

    CORINNE CHARTRAND 21 days ago+567

    The double Asian part got me crying 😂

  • Royetta Zabel
    Royetta Zabel 1 months ago+202

    Kieth’s scream as he realized the skeleton was missing a leg is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time 😂

  • Alyssa's Dome
    Alyssa's Dome 1 months ago+448

    "Hold on I haven't even been funny yet" SO ADORABLE

  • Anne Tan
    Anne Tan 1 months ago+115

    16:45 Of course Eugene gets the skeleton that’s drinking alcohol

  • Ivy Kidd
    Ivy Kidd 1 months ago+558

    Keith reminds me of Garrett Watts with his skeleton.

  • Kyseok_Jung
    Kyseok_Jung 1 months ago+331

    Keith:*gets on his knees*
    Zach: You’ve done this before right?
    Keith:*nods* Yeah

  • tae baby
    tae baby 1 months ago+619

    Eugene's tiny little jump at 0:50 hurt my heart, gosh I love him...

  • Nimasha Sonali
    Nimasha Sonali 2 months ago+2732

    Eugene comes out and just say one word, and everyone laughs😂

  • Abi Faith
    Abi Faith 1 months ago+232

    eugene and mari's friendship is so wholesome I love it <3

  • Carl the Suicidal Snek
    Carl the Suicidal Snek 1 months ago+137

    Thomas Sanders and one of his friends on try not to laugh?
    Anyone agreee?

  • r8ed Rm
    r8ed Rm 1 months ago+259

    I've never seen this cute, Shy side of Eugene before 😭 HES ADORAAAAALE I LOVE UUUUU

  • Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
    Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn 1 months ago+338

    "I choose you. Magikarp." gives up on life
    "I swallowed it on accident." Just. I'm too inappropriate for this.

  • Slytherin Pride
    Slytherin Pride 2 months ago +3272

    Kieth:uses skeleton every time
    Eugene:uses magicarp every time

  • Fan of Many Legends
    Fan of Many Legends 1 months ago+172

    I love how Eugene curled into a ball out of embarrassment