When X Factor Auditions Get FLIRTY! | X Factor Global

  • Published on:  4/25/2018
  • It's getting HOT in here! Whether it's contestants flirting with their favourite judges, or judges with an eye for attractive contestants... or even just acts who love to flash some flesh!X Factor Global brings together the very best acts from around the world, keeping you up to date and ensuring that you never miss a thing! Subscribe to X Factor Global: https://www.youtube.com/user/xfactorg...Watch more X Factor Global videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/xfactorg...


  • Its Just Brit
    Its Just Brit 4 months ago+4920

    "Put your tshirt on."
    "Fire." 😂😂

  • Gabrielle Lindeman
    Gabrielle Lindeman 1 months ago+1424

    the first girl tho, her mom was so proud. If my mom say me doing that, I wouldn’t be alive long enough to be typing this comment.

  • Tyrah Baker
    Tyrah Baker 2 months ago+1223

    Simon loved that he really enjoyed that
    wife:do you want it nasty
    simon:here we go again

  • David Wehner
    David Wehner 2 months ago+1132

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    random guy: fire
    Simon: -_-

  • Musa plays
    Musa plays 1 months ago+629

    I love how the male judges get jealous of a hot dude and female judges get jealous of hot girls lmfao

  • Sanjay Singh
    Sanjay Singh 3 months ago+3656

    Simon and his wife are gonna have a talk

  • KpopStuff
    KpopStuff 2 months ago+627

    “Or fire.”
    “Put your shirt on.”

  • Adrienne Foong
    Adrienne Foong 2 months ago+414

    The last one russian girl called Simon , SALMON 🤣

  • grapes win
    grapes win 1 months ago+559

    the third guy is not flirty. HE'S JUST HANDSOME

  • Natalie Rafidi
    Natalie Rafidi 1 months ago+539

    The 3rd guy wasn’t flirty the audience was towards him

  • crystal snow
    crystal snow 1 months ago+201

    when u realized u just watched half an hour a video

  • Eva Boerner
    Eva Boerner 1 months ago+328

    The way the female judges get super hyped when hot guys come, but when there’s girls they re like 🤨 😂 😂 😂

  • Rimgailung Kamei
    Rimgailung Kamei 2 months ago+841

    Anyone still watching in June 2019

  • none yabizz
    none yabizz 2 months ago+453

    If women were as sexualized like the male contestants are by the judges they would be fired. The double standard is really shameful.

  • Sam Doherty
    Sam Doherty 3 months ago+4443

    It's so satisfying when they flirt and then they're actually good

  • Jasmine Mni
    Jasmine Mni 2 months ago+247

    When everyone enjoy it and you just find it cringy...

  • Itss Liss
    Itss Liss 2 months ago+302

    first audition-
    her momma be like : thats my babygirl right there

  • Winter Baby 2006
    Winter Baby 2006 2 months ago+270

    Oml, people! They aren't saying the 3rd guy was flirty, they're saying the judges were.

  • Jayden Lopes
    Jayden Lopes 14 days ago+57

    The first girl wasn’t flirting, that was sheer talent. Why is nobody talking about her? That was amazing

  • Jad Spams L2
    Jad Spams L2 3 months ago+2414

    "Tell me woman" did u guys forget him?