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  • Published on:  10/8/2016
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    You are watching "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa", a super fun animated nursery rhyme created by LooLoo Kids.
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    Johny Johny Yes Papa Lyrics

    Johny, Johny
    Yes, Papa?
    Eating sugar?
    No, papa!
    Telling lies?
    No, papa!
    Open your mouth
    Ha, ha, ha!

    Johny, Johny
    Yes, Papa?
    Eating sugar?
    No, papa!
    Telling lies?
    No, papa!
    Open your mouth
    Ha, ha, ha!

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  • Goldstriker (Sep 2, 2018)

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  • Molyzz (3 hours ago)

    I think that was a terrorist threat

  • flamingo star (2 days ago)

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  • عشاق للابد (16 hours ago)

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  • Aron (Aug 28, 2018)

    The manga developed their grandpa and son relationship better. I will admit that the anime did a great job showing their emotions and the soundtrack was not far from perfect. I almost dropped a tear when he said "yes papa" truly a moment to be remembered forever, a moment that's gonna be next to moments like Goku going Super Saiyan, Naruto and Sasuke's first fight, Ash leaving Charizard, Edward sacrificing himself, that Nina moment, Ash turning into stone, L's death, Exodia's first appearence...

  • Reyam Aydin (1 day ago)

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  • Dede Azka (12 hours ago)

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  • cherrieadore (23 hours ago)

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  • الجين RG (6 days ago)

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