Sasha Banks Bosses Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on:  1/25/2018
  • The Legit Boss herself—WWE superstar Sasha Banks—is no stranger to throwing down in the squared circle. But how will she fare in the Hot Ones terror dome? Find out as Banks battles the wings of death alongside Sean Evans, breaking down wrestling style and explaining how Snoop Dogg helped develop her ring persona along the way.

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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  8 months ago+2952

    HOT ONE FANS: Which other wrestlers do you want to see take on the wings of death?

  • Tom Erik Hansen
    Tom Erik Hansen 5 hours ago

    I've watched a bunch of these now and the last dab seems to be less strong than the rest. Do Da Bomb last of pour some extra on it

  • Cowmilk
    Cowmilk 11 hours ago

    you guys should do an episode where u use Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium

  • Serial Karnage
    Serial Karnage yesterday

    She is an absolute monster.

  • ABOVE 818
    ABOVE 818 yesterday

    Every one says she cute but all I see is the forehead of Rihanna and the body of a child w/ the ego and the hair of a 20 dollar whore
    Last but not least the Personality of a valley girl.

  • Will Beat
    Will Beat yesterday

    That how she gonna act in the bed with this dick

  • Ken Stephens
    Ken Stephens 2 days ago

    That look at 12:57 she did. She's gorgeous. And a super trooper for going thru those wings like a boss (no pun)

  • freestylerjak
    freestylerjak 2 days ago

    U need to get conor McGregor on here

  • Nathan Campbell
    Nathan Campbell 3 days ago

    Would love to see kevin Owens or bayley

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 days ago

    Sasha Banks shouts out Titus Catering Worldwide. You've seen it here folks.

  • Chris B
    Chris B 4 days ago

    Liv Morgan

  • Batton Lash
    Batton Lash 4 days ago

    Sasha Banks, The Authentic Supervisor!

  • Zeth Truthless
    Zeth Truthless 5 days ago

    I've seen Old Boy, that is a great movie.

  • Michael Russo
    Michael Russo 5 days ago

    Mad respect.

  • Katie Marigold
    Katie Marigold 6 days ago

    I had never heard of her until this show. She's basically Wonder Woman! Maybe she grew up on the same island and all that other stuff was a faux back story? 😅

  • ThaBaronDK
    ThaBaronDK 6 days ago

    Sasha Bae-nks! 😍😍 Other wrestlers... Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Becky Lynch. And CM Punk!

  • Ashlyn Johnson
    Ashlyn Johnson 6 days ago


  • Juan Riptide Camacho

    Lucha House Party

  • Trek Fan167
    Trek Fan167 8 days ago

    Between this and JRE, we need more of these long form, informative discussions. Can't get enough.

  • gemma5632
    gemma5632 8 days ago

    She didn’t even break a sweat!!
    She beat up bitch!!