CNN Newsroom 1/17/2019 [FULL] | CNN President Trump News January 17, 2019

  • Published on:  1/17/2019
  • CNN Newsroom 1/17/2019


  • Lan Hughes 6 months ago

    Macheal Cohan got costed to be A Lawyer knows law ..His as much criminal coruptions crooks as same Trumps puppet

  • Lan Hughes 6 months ago

    Giuliani is a man when his opened his mouth .His .. out of his mind delusional crazy Nuts ..sounds lunatic as Trumps...birds sameness fathers flocked together ...........a boat loads of madness ...rampling .delusional Crazynes.......the best straight jacket have 72 hours holds to revaluations same go for Trumps puppet Nassisssic PARASITE psychopath Trumps too

  • Thomas Muscheck 6 months ago

    Didn't just MOVE GOALPOSTS.. the old lawyer actually MOVED THE WHOLE STADIUM. Trump said no collusion between his campaign and Russians numerous times. Everything is a lie.. but what are they hiding? I don't just disagree with Republicans anymore.. I hate them for lecturing everybody else about PATRIOTISM. For them to DENY ALL OF THIS is as treasonous as Trump doing it.