How Humans Broke the Game

  • Published on:  4/14/2019
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  • Weebs McGee 3 months ago

    Devs: I think these Humans are too OP... let's get water!*Patch 1.3.7*Humans: boat

  • Nip Dip 1 months ago

    god: nani

  • MC Mark Markson 1 months ago

    Next Patch, OK let's introduce a virus that is just a bunch of random scripts randomly killing human players.Humans: invents vaccinesDevs: ffs

  • Vasil Svolopoulos 2 months ago

    "They spec'd into longer legs and less body hair"Well clearly I missed _that_ patch. Dammit.

  • Julen Lian Trehe 6 days ago

    I think I bugged the game because I have long ass legs AND a lot of body hair. Should I report this to the devs?

  • Age Restrictions 10 days ago

    I got a long legs like a spider but hairy like said thing odd thing is I hate spiders. I also got a bit of the burly beefy neander in my build and I know how to cook a mean steak so got cooking stat to maybe 30-50

  • Phillip Porter 2 months ago

    Bruh, imagine you accidentally choose random when you spawn in and you wake up a fruit fly

  • Ok this is epic 3 days ago

    I did and spawned as a pug my human owner wouldn’t let me die even after I made it clear by always running into the street

  • Tina Lundell 15 days ago

    Phillip Porter i did it and i respand

  • Dustin Z. 2 months ago

    The game is buggy my intelligence stats can't increase

  • Aiden Kane 4 days ago

    Try earning more evolution points.

  • Sina Zarin 9 days ago

    You need skillshare

  • Silent Echo 2 months ago

    I like how they explain human history as a video game.*it's more realistic that way*

  • @Shahkarif100 Gaming Like the French revolution, Russian revolution, American revolution, industrial revolution e.t.c amirite?

  • imma zoorun 20 days ago

    @L L also i doubt its 50/50 on good and bad mutations, would have been the body natural growing to protect. Its defiantly percentage to good mutations.

  • Mybuttox R. Smooth 3 months ago

    Humans have recently adopted the 'meme' perk which increases social by 10% but cuts productivity by 25%.

  • Calen Crawford 21 days ago

    It also limits int. increase by 50%.

  • Gaming Palace 1 months ago

    No, it's patched. Devs didn't like the idea of humans being that way so, whenever the human build uses the meme perk they get the "Loner" debuff. Huge penalty to social.

  • It's Just Me Aidan!! 2 months ago

    It's sucks how people are denying that humans are still top tier and are trying to revert back to dog builds. They ended up making a solid D Tier class, Furries.

  • Sahnige Milch 10 days ago

    Humans have strange cosmetics

  • SBBwasaight Vuong 25 days ago

    Oh god this needs a video. preferably April fool's day

  • burnt f1ames 2 months ago

    I see that valve is supporting this game -little updates - and no ww3

  • Dkaloger 22 hours ago

    In a video it said that the game is called outside

  • 0Clewi0 8 days ago

    @Dalai Ankhbayar I'm quite sure the Souther Hemisphere servers were going to survive with little change.

  • Josh D 2 months ago

    They should explain it like this in schools now I think more kids would understand

  • Aiden Kane 4 days ago


  • vexonica 02 22 days ago

    @Josh D damn didn't read patch notes, I think it's developer blog about the map design and mechanic

  • Cromwell Castaneda 2 months ago

    I sometimes think that TierZoo is secretly a nigh-omnipotent god from another dimension but spectates the Earth.

  • William 1 months ago

    Isnt he?

  • Renovartio 1 months ago