Angry Jordan Peterson TRIGGERS French Journalist

  • Published on:  12/19/2018
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  • Voice Liberty 5 months ago

    Jordan Peterson CHALLENGES Slavoj Zizek To a Heated Debate

  • Godis Love 2 days ago

    @FromSouth99 what you said. People miss the deep implication to crucify themselves and rush back to war.

  • Karl Crankin 7 days ago

    Benjamin r@

  • Sebastian David 6 months ago

    The title is misleading. There's no journalist here.

  • broken strings 12 days ago

    Not a journalist for sure, but by the sole expression on his face alone, very likely an imbecile. And I haven't even begun measuring his questions

  • Finkel - Funk 14 days ago

    @Public Domain He started out asking him 2 or 3 questions what he thought about masculinity and what defined it and then quickly turned around, quoted him out of context and tried to take him out with that or catch him by surprise.

  • James Kilpatrick 2 months ago

    Jordan Peterson: "I make over a half a million dollars a month"That's a straight up answer.He deserves it cause he is providing an immeasurable value to millions of people. I Respect that man.

  • A2laelae an hour ago

    I wouldn’t say he deserves it, but he very well did earn it

  • Godis Love 2 days ago

    @martok2008 you are so wrong. Ive lived in Paris and I 'know' that guy. JP isn't fazed by the cultural differences and sees through the young man's glazed eyes. At best the interviewer was naive.

  • Alex McKelvey 2 months ago

    Jeez, I love Jordan Peterson. . .Even when he's edited to look bad, he looks good. .

  • Jesus 20 hours ago

    O my God right I swear that man was born a boss haha

  • Brian Coon 11 days ago

    Since facts don't care about your feelings and because facts can't be ignored while dealing with public interviews if the facts offend people that's their own problem. Facts must never give way to people's feelings to protect people from bruised egos.

  • Lucho Garram 1 months ago

    I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT FACTS. Peterson is a genius!!

  • Ryan Dolan 9 days ago

    Facts dont care about your feelings.

  • ablurida 9 days ago

    he should apply this to himself when he debates about religion, lol

  • Keej Vang 1 months ago

    Don't play mind games with a psychologist. 👏

  • Kellerwärter 6 days ago

    He's more than just a psychologist

  • Jesse Quest 16 days ago


  • Kalena Aguayo 3 months ago

    Trying to trick a clinical psychiatrist is difficult to do.

  • It has nothing to do with a psychiatrist,it’s that he’s genuine and fully committed to his job

  • Ronin3453 1 months ago

    @Travis Monk are you saying that Jordan Peterson is smarter than a woman because he's a man?

  • Conner Joyce 1 months ago

    Peterson is a complete badass. A great example of Masculinity.

  • d 1 a months ago

    true. there is only one man in this interview

  • Benjamin Oosthoek 1 months ago


  • joknul1 2 months ago

    That was emotional. Yesterday my life got absolutely destroyed. I lost a big part of myself through the actions of another person. Today I discovered Mr. Peterson. I bingewatched him all day. My life is forever changed. I'm starting right now! Thank you so much! I now know how to handle my problems. I hope you get to read this Mr. Peterson. Thank you again!

  • David Flancman an hour ago

    I hope you are continuing your journey of improvement. Work hard, treat people with respect, and value yourself. You can achieve anything that you put your mind to, all you have to do is believe in yourself. Godspeed brother.

  • Karen Bridges 8 days ago

    Rise up and march onward! ❤️

  • Lord Afro 2 months ago

    "You're making alot of money from this" Well he deserves more than those mumbling rappers tbh.

  • Lord Afro 1 months ago

    @JoMa Paloma In that case he deserve way more 😂

  • JoMa Paloma 1 months ago

    and hes also a rapper :D listen to jbpwave its amazing