Helicopter Crash in New York City

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • A helicopter crashed onto the roof of a skyscraper, killing one, as people evacuated into the streets. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2wItw48#TheDailyBeast#NYCHelicopterCrash#NYC


  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez 2 months ago+791

    Title should be called "people describe helicopter crash while standing in the rain"

  • Dr. Dunsparce
    Dr. Dunsparce 2 months ago+1494

    Damn... even though someone died, at least it was only one person, may he Rest In Peace

  • k0p
    k0p 2 months ago+167

    People living in New York during 2001 "Oh shit, here we go again"

  • C Mahoney
    C Mahoney 2 months ago+1038

    “The building felt like...moving”

  • Miles Root
    Miles Root  2 months ago+3791

    must've been scary as shit for those who witnessed 9/11 on TV or irl

  • Andres E. Gomez M.
    Andres E. Gomez M. 2 months ago+210

    I swear this must have triggered some 911 flashbacks

  • Alkaris
    Alkaris 2 months ago+882

    You didn't even show the aftermath… you showed nothing.

  • M & M
    M & M 2 months ago+516

    Sending prayers to the family of the pilot. So very sad.🙏🏽

  • TheGaming Bat
    TheGaming Bat 2 months ago+119

    Everybody is thinking the same thing

  • Gloria Borger
    Gloria Borger 2 months ago+1991

    Keeping praying for the 1 that died and his family and friends to be helped during this harsh time
    May he Rest In Peace
    Pls stop getting mad in the replies we are just trying to help the man that died and his family for comfort we’re not here to argue and bicker we need to come together as a world and work together.
    If anyone can make a gofundme or something for donating or if you already have one pls reply back with the link to it so we can help his family

  • Kyle Dilbert
    Kyle Dilbert 2 months ago+299

    Ouch..imagine getting hit by a 59 story building in your helicopter..

  • AnToNcHaMp96
    AnToNcHaMp96 2 months ago+35

    Everybody pray for that pilots soul and for their families mental health. I hope they stay strong.

  • BumbleGravy
    BumbleGravy 2 months ago+113

    Deja Vu?
    Infinity War not 9/11 also RIP

  • AldenG
    AldenG 2 months ago+1

    the rest of the world: “oh my god I’m so scared it’s bringing back 9/11 memories!”
    New Yorkers: ”yo I’m going to the bodega, y’all want anything?”

  • Cam Beech
    Cam Beech 2 months ago+5

    9/11 2: Revenge of Osama Bin Laden

  • Bird Bird
    Bird Bird 2 months ago+11

    Nah fam. The helicopter was just minding his own business until the building jumped up on him

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 months ago+69

    Did she just feel the need to define what an earthquake is?

  • BMB Kenshi
    BMB Kenshi 2 months ago+5

    0:25 ”shit maybe 9/11 again” ☠️
    Fo real tho I feel bad for what happened and I’m truly sorry for the 1 loss😢

  • Uno Reverse Card
    Uno Reverse Card 2 months ago+213

    I'm getting bad 9/11 vibes.

  • Altum Recensere
    Altum Recensere 2 months ago+22

    Poor guy, he had to be the one guy who was gonna be killed in that helicopter crash. I guess, Death had decided his next victim.
    May he rest in peace and enjoy a better life some place else.