• Published on:  8/12/2019
  • This is the greatest video essay of All Time


  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 5 days ago+3152

    Netflix and Chill? No
    I prefer Blockbuster and Cock-thruster for I am a man of culture.

  • jsuperhalo1
    jsuperhalo1 3 days ago+1959

    People from trending: “wow this story was great! what are his other videos?”
    penguinz0: hentai island & foot fetish weddings

  • apex weasel
    apex weasel 3 days ago+252

    As a citizen of Oregon, I feel that I have an important road trip to make.

  • papa jocelyn
    papa jocelyn 3 days ago+778

    “And that’s why Blockbuster failed”
    “Sir this is a Wendy’s “

  • Professor 7
    Professor 7 3 days ago+506

    Blockbuster was like the Titanic. It started turning too late. And it sunk. And was a national tragedy.

  • Dylan Quinn
    Dylan Quinn 5 days ago+4616

    And just like that Charlie became an animation channel

  • Squalo Oceano
    Squalo Oceano 3 days ago+365

    I live in Bend, Oregon. I go to Blockbuster every week with my friends to pick up some movies for Friday movie night. It feels pretty crazy that I live by the last Blockbuster in the world. Hell I didn’t even know Blockbuster was dead until recently.

  • david barta
    david barta 3 days ago+103

    At one point blockbuster had a choice to buy Netflix for 20 million, they said no. Now Netflix is worth about 50 Billion. This is what I think was the last chance blockbuster had to still be a big business today.

  • Mini Woona
    Mini Woona 3 days ago+296

    A video that’s in trending that has swearing!? BEAUTIFUL

  • Amy Kennedy
    Amy Kennedy 3 days ago+77

    So Charlie is stepping into the storytime animation crowd

  • Spicy
    Spicy 5 days ago+5335

    Petition to make Charlie go to Oregon and cry live at the last blockbuster

  • Tetro Creations
    Tetro Creations 3 days ago+208

    I think Blockbuster should have a great comeback, but instead it would be a streaming service with both movies and video games.
    One can only hope for the future....

  • Chris L
    Chris L 3 days ago+164

    I'm curious if Enron would have eventually caused the demise of Blockbuster anyway considering their scandal in 2001.
    Seems this was inevitable.

  • Ribs Fernando
    Ribs Fernando 3 days ago+25

    How did you get on trending, especially dropping the f bomb like 5 times and saying you’ll shave your taint?

  • Josie Reeves
    Josie Reeves 3 days ago+20

    It's crazy to think, people in the future won't even know what Blockbuster was

  • JK FU
    JK FU 5 days ago+2077

    I still owe blockbuster like $214,367 in late fees for air bud 2

  • Pretextous
    Pretextous yesterday+19

    They should never remove that blockbuster in Oregon and just keep it as a historical monument

  • Y Tho
    Y Tho yesterday+14

    Some times you just don't play cards right
    C U C K T H R U S T E R

  • Tanakas7
    Tanakas7 3 days ago+34

    Wait you missed a VERY crucial piece that also contributed to Blockbuster's demise. McDonald's Redbox! Redbox was invented, movie rentals for only $1 compared to Blockbuster fees. It was both Netflix and Redbox that killed BlockBuster. But from what I remember Redbox was the nail in the coffin, people renting $1 movies like crazy.