The Ultimate Regional Burger Road Trip with a Burger Scholar | The Burger Show

  • Published on:  4/2/2019
  • Burger Scholar George Motz and Alvin Cailan are going on the ultimate regional burger road trip—which includes a pit stop to eat America's original hamburger. Motz is a veteran road warrior: he’s logged thousands of miles in his car chasing down burgers all over the country. For this episode, Alvin will be Motz’s co-pilot as he takes The Burger Show host to Central Connecticut, home to some of the most unusual burgers on the planet—as well as THE birthplace of the original hamburger, Louis' Lunch. Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: out more of First We Feast here: 3Episode 5First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  • First We Feast 3 months ago

    If you could go on a burger-focused vacation, where would you want to go?

  • Jeff Hamilton 13 days ago

    Northeast area because there are so many choices close by geographically

  • Ultra Instincts 17 days ago

    good burger home of the good burger, mondo burger, and Bob's burger joint of course

  • G Ing 3 months ago

    Why has this strangely focused burger guru become my favorite person on the internet?

  • M4T1J4P0 1 months ago

    Because he looks like if Wolverine and Johnny Knoxville had an illegitimate child?

  • TMCicuurd12b42 2 months ago

    @chingchong dingdong I swear all them actors are either all related or clones...

  • ItsCFour 3 months ago

    55% of comments: Concerned for Alvin’s health45% of comments: George should be the host

  • leonard dylan 16 days ago

    @Spazus maybe i dont scroll long enough

  • Homero Negaraku 18 days ago

    So means once he passes on no problem getting a new host

  • Calisto Riviera 3 months ago

    No disrespect to Alvin but I’m 100% convinced George should be the host of the burger show. He’s a much better personality/fit for this.

  • Sharpnova 26 days ago

    all offense to alvin: i think alvin is boring af and dull as hell. he doesn't belong on any show at all. he only detracts from george motz.

  • no one 2 months ago

    @Calisto Riviera There's nothing disrespectful to say, that when you almost choke yourself with a seat belt on, you might be kinda overweight.

  • Juiicy Juicee 3 months ago

    I’m just here for the “concerned about Alvin’s health” comments

  • STSGuitar16 3 days ago

    @Lucy Schnabel Nobody is fat shaming; no one is trying to hurt his feelings or anything like that, we just want to make sure that he will be able to stick around for decades and decades longer. Being obese isn't healthy at all, and if you think that pointing out that scientific fact is "fat shaming", your mind is in the wrong place. Concerns for his health comes from a place of love and respect for Alvin, not to make fun of him or anything like that.

  • Captain Merica 16 days ago

    @kirwi kirwinson you sad little fuck face

  • Andyesque 3 months ago

    My man out here looking like an alternate timeline Johnny Knoxville

  • jonz23m 12 days ago

    Yea He Looks like an older and healthier version of him

  • KVNG JAY 1 months ago

    Deadass lmao

  • Elliott Goldin  3 months ago

    These two could really just host the burger show together.

  • Vanilla Theis 3 months ago

    @Elliott Goldin Don't really understand the hate for Alvin. He's a good host

  • Elliott Goldin 3 months ago

    @Vanilla Theis Finally, a positive comment! Thanks

  • KC Shutters 3 months ago

    My guy Alvin, I need you to work on your health man. It's all love and coming from a good place! We need you for many years to come!

  • Chase Mcdude 1 months ago

    @scrambyeggs1000 Dude, they"re just fucking milking this guy. Someone else will come to take his place. It's a fucking animal farm man.

  • James Smith 2 months ago

    @Samke Dladla True.

  • David Foster 3 months ago

    More of this guy.Actually, just always of this guy.

  • HumanAbyss 3 months ago

    I love Alvin, but can you get an original show starring George? The man is a god damn walking talking encyclopedia of cool burger knowledge and stuff. Keep Alvin doing his thing cause I love it, but god damn, more MOTZ!

  • Peterowsky 3 months ago

    He had one, called BurgerLand in 2012.

  • You probably will when Alvin dies of heart disease in the next few years.